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Summer Solstice at Solage

The Sun Stopping Event A solstice happens when the sun’s zenith is at its furthest point from the equator. On the June solstice it reaches its northernmost point and the Earth’s North Pole tilts directly towards the sun, at about 23.5 degrees. It’s also known as the northern solstice because it occurs when the sun… Read More

SolSun: The Art of Wellness at Solage and Sundance Resorts

Two is better than one, especially when it comes to a refreshing twist on the typical destination retreat. Napa Valley’s Solage Calistoga and Robert Redford’s Sundance Mountain Resort will co-host SolSun:The Art of Wellness at Solage and Sundance, July 20-23 at Solage and October 19-22 at Sundance. This is a retreat that will invite and… Read More

Solage Reopens Award-Winning Spa Solage after $1.2 Million Renovation

Solage Hotels & Resorts is proud to announce the reopening of Spa Solage following a multi-million dollar, four-month-long renovation. We’re excited to show off our transformation, which includes a 2,500 square-foot expansion and a facelift of the spa’s overall interior. The spa renovation is part of a larger, $2.3 million investment into the entire Solage… Read More

Recap: The 2015 Calistoga Food & Wine Event

Two Days of Calistoga Wines and Locally-Grown Ingredients at The Calistoga Food and Wine Event In its second year, Calistoga has created a food and wine event to showcase its world-class wineries and restaurants. The Calistoga Food and Wine Event, happened a few weekends ago, April 24th & 25th, and offered attendees an opportunity to taste a… Read More