The Mudslide Experience

The Bathhouse at Spa Solage offers the ultimate wellness experience featuring healing geo-thermal pools and mineral-rich mud therapy in a restful restorative setting.

A Three-Part Journey

Step up to our “mud bar” to begin your Mudslide, a three-part series including “The Mud,” “The Waters,” and “The Rest.” The Mudslide may be enjoyed in private, as a group or as a couples’ shared experience. Before or after your Napa Valley spa treatment, enjoy a soak in our geo-thermal mineral waters in the co-ed soaking pool or in our private, gender-specific, clothing-optional hydrotherapy circuit areas.

the mud


A mineral-enriched clay and volcanic ash blend, mixed with your choice of pure essential oils make up your custom mud body mask. Apply and rest to receive the benefits in your private, heated mud lounge.

the waters


The second step involves a relaxing and rehydrating soak in a luxurious oversized tub – featuring geo-thermal mineral water from our own spring.

the rest


Wrap up your Mudslide by reclining in one of our state-of-the-art sound/vibration chairs, designed to float you into a zone of stress-free harmonic balance. You'll associate a whole new meaning with the term “power nap.”