Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Environmental accountability is integral to the Solage spirit. As a result, we’re one of the first resorts in Napa Valley to put in place a wide range of programs to promote and enhance an eco-friendly ethos.

On-site Initiatives:

  • Electronic car charging station
  • Extensive recycling throughout our Napa resort
  • A guest opt-in linen reuse conservation program
  • Solar rooftop panels to reduce energy consumption and emissions
  • Locally crafted bath amenities delivered in bulk for waste reduction
  • Staff bicycles used as the primary on-site transportation
  • Complimentary cruiser bicycles available to all guests
  • Non-toxic cleaning product standards used throughout the property
  •  Locally grown, organic produce featured in our restaurant Solbar
  • Carbon-filtered drinking water offered throughout
  • Salt-based water filtration system reduces chemicals in geo-thermal mineral and swimming pools
  • LEED-approved Plyboo bamboo flooring in Gym and Movement Studio
  • Non-toxic, low VOC emitting paints used throughout our Napa resort
  • Natural fabrics and materials found in all guest rooms and public areas
  • On-site geothermal water used as a heat source for spa facilities and swimming pools
  • Bathhouse passive cooling architecture eliminates need for air conditioning
  • Landscaping features native, drought-tolerate plants
  • Irrigation needs fulfilled through reclaimed water from the City of Calistoga.
  • Property-wide composting program reduces waste.
  • Member of the Green Hotel Association