Art & Inspiration

From captivating, nature-influenced works to provocative modern sculptures, Solage Calistoga stands alone among Napa resorts in offering a world-class collection of artwork throughout the property.

Archie Held

Sculpture – Reception Entry

Held as an internationally recognized artist who has been creating sculpture since the late 1970s. His style is exquisitely simple and direct, primarily constructed in bronze and stainless steel, though he recently added glass and granite to his pallet of materials. His pieces can be found in many public and private collections throughout the US and Asia.

James Lloyd

Sculpture – South Terrace

The sculptures that James Lloyd conceives and creates are not objects of design, shape or form that are intended to simply decorate or please an environment. Rather, each sculpture has a very specific and encoded language of formal issues that offer the viewer a window into a different way of seeing: through visual feeling contemplation.

Troy Pillow

Sculpture – Spa Solage

Pillow is interested in the connection that sculpture makes between people and the environments in which we live. Utilizing wind and light as energy sources, he enables his sculptures to be affected by their surroundings. Creating sculpture based on natural fundamentals gives a unique life to his work, which is Pillow’s way of connecting art to people.

Douglas Davidovich

Paintings – Solstice

To Douglas Davidovich, creating paintings of wood is appropriate for abstraction and can symbolize the manipulation of source material into product. The variety of commercial faux wood finishes – like paneling and laminates on countertops – inspires the artist to manipulate wood forms. While trees were the subject in most of Davidovich’s early paintings, his recent paintings now involve proximity with architecture, interior spaces and urban environments.

Concrete Works

Concrete Lounge Chairs – Adult Pool
Outdoor Fire Features – Capella Suites

ConcreteWorks is a progressive design and fabrication company that creates innovative design solutions from one of the world’s most flexible, beautiful and sustainable materials. Inspired by the ability of concrete to transcend its common usage, Concrete Works seek to redefine the boundaries of the medium though innovative works that showcase its variability, fluidity and warmth.

Twig Art

Paul Schick
Twig Wall Décor – Spa Solage Reception

Paul Schick transitioned into twig art just as he was graduating from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles in 1987. Schick's journey into the craft of creating wall hangings from natural wood elements was inspired by a photo of Charles Arnoldi's work. He also considers Deborah Butterfield and Andy Goldsworthy among his greatest influences. Schick’s unique sculptural aesthetic has been showcased in leading publications from the Robb Report.

Wade Hoefer

Paintings – Solbar

The infinitely tranquil landscapes by Wade Hoefer maintain a familiar air representative of the California landscapes surrounding his Northern California home. At the same time, his works extend beyond the boundaries of his environment and into the realm of his imagination. Straying from the tradition of landscape painting, Hoefer's works have a modern edge. Illuminated by his skilled rendering of light, Hoefer draws the viewer into the painting.