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Star Chefs' Personal Late-Night Menus

March 15, 2011

Brandon Sharp, Executive Chef, Solbar, CalistogaCalifornia. “If you asked me this question 10 years ago, it would be fried bologna, American cheese, barbecue sauce and potato chips wrapped in a tortilla. But now, rice, vegetables and gravy is something that’s really soothing to me whether it’s Thai coconut curry, chili verde or ratatouille.”

The Best Restaurants In Napa

March 07, 2011

“Solage Calistoga’s hotel restaurant Solbar isn’t just another hotel restaurant. From the culinary expertise of Executive Chef Brandon Sharp, the menu denotes Northern California’s finest and freshest produce with modern French techniques. That “non-intimidating” approach to classic California cuisine is probably what earned Solbar attention from Michelin Guide, though that recognition has hardly stopped the furor of creation (after all, it originated as a bistro with burgers and pizza). “The cooking has French technique and a French backbone to it, but the [entrees] aren’t classical French compositions so they aren’t screaming for Napa Valley Cabs and Chardonnay,” says Sharp. Wine goes hand in hand with any restaurant in the Napa Valley, but sommelier Bradley Wasserman doesn’t feel the need to be bound by local wineries. “It’s a fun juggling act,” says Wasserman about mixing local wineries with those from around the globe.”

The Best Restaurants in Napa

February 25, 2011

There are plenty of high-end restaurants, such as the stunning Solbar, with remarkable bass with pear or dungeness crab with a sweet potato veloute to go with a knowledgeable wine staff

- Jim Byers
Toronto Star

Black Book

The Best Restaurants in Napa
January 17, 2011

“Poolside patio at Solbar is the spot to get a glass of wine and watch the sun go down over the Mayacama mountains across the valley. The Euro lounge-y vibe and a bar menu — served until midnight — with all the comforting basics make it an ideal place should you want to eat after most restaurants’ closing time of 9 p.m. (they get to bed early in wine country). Early risers, too, will find rare respite with breakfast and a Sunday brunch menu. While there’s a slightly trendy vibe, don’t be surprised if a couple wanders in wearing bathrobes — Solbar sits on the premises of Solage Resort. The haute-hearty dinner menu has garnered raves, though, and Solbar stands alone as a singular distention.”

Why Vegetables Are Going Viral

December 3, 2011

“I love meat. I fantasize about ribeye. I would live inside of one of Momofuku’s pork belly buns if I could. But I have to say the meal that’s seared in my memory after a recent trip to California is the plate of perfectly cooked, delicately dressed vegetables I had at Solbar in Calistoga. A lovely arrangement of carrots, beets, parsley root and Tokyo turnips, this was a shockingly flavorful dish that made me rethink my carnivorous ways—at least for a night.”

Star Chefs

Chef Brandon Sharp – Solbar, California
November 29, 2011

Napa Valley Register

Thanksgiving Inspirations
November 19, 2011

“Sharp is executive chef of the Michelin-starred Solbar Restaurant in Calistoga. He is preparing turkey for Thanksgiving but will brine and roast the breast while deep frying the leg. This, he says, turns the different parts of the turkey into the best versions of themselves. Accompanying the turkey is one of his personal favorites — sour cream and chive whipped potatoes. At Solbar, Brandon concentrates on making the best possible version of traditional dishes. For the dish, Yukon potatoes are boiled then dried. Add hot sour cream and slowly add in chunks of cold butter (not melted). Sharp explains that using cold butter will result in creamier potatoes, while also letting you use more butter without making the dish too greasy. Whip potatoes and add in desired amount of chopped chives. Brandon recommends Fisher Vineyards “Unity” Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon; Lang & Reed’s “Two Fourteen” Cabernet Franc or Chateau Montelena’s “The Montelena Estate” Zinfandel with dinner.”

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Eat Pasta Lose Weight
October, 2010

“According to Brandon Sharp, executive chef at Solage’s restaurant, Solbar, “Pasta with veggies is one of the quickest, easiest and most satisfying dishes you can make.” The noodles provide protein and slow releasing engery, while produce addes nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants.”

San Francisco Chronicle

Michelin Guide Bay Area 2011
October 26, 2010

“The Michelin Guide San Francisco storylines were shared yesterday, and today, the stars are finally out.”

Food Arts

Shin Kicks
September 20, 2010

“_No no, I think it’s my phone. I just want to make usre I heard you correctly: you did say beef shin right? As in bone-in beef shank.?

Conventional culinary wisdom says to pick a killer ingredient and then build a dish around it. No chef I know would, by choice, begin with beef shin. Choice, however, is not a factor in this exercise (late of my “Sounds Like Fun’ list, new to my “WTFIT?” list), because the beef shin is prescribed, as are 29 other ingredients. It’s a free country, but not when you work with Food Arts on MYSTERY BASKET”

-Chef Brandon Sharp – Food Art September 2010