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October 24, 2010

because we’re going for a ride.

Here’s the white board again with a slew of fall menu ideas; the ones that are crossed off are live if they have a date next to them, and dead if they don’t (pending ideas are the ones remaining).  In addition to what’s on the board, there are a beet salad with navel oranges and cracked hazelnuts, a hot and cold endive salad with avocado and grapefruit, and a salad of young greens from Forni-Brown Gardens with pomegranate vinaigrette and pickled fennel.

Tonight the yellowfin tuna, with grilled little gem lettuce, chili-lime vinagrette, avocado puree, spiced persimmons, cashew butter, and fresh water chestnuts replaced the petrale sole, and teh miso-poached black cod with black garlic ramen noodles, pickled shiitakes, and fresh yuzu replaced the blue-nose bass.  At solbar, where the emphasis on half of our menu is the light, healthy, and guilt-free, it’s a challenge and a pleasure–especially in the cooler months– to create satisfying, dynamic seasonal compositions that fit the spa bill.  These are two.

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