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October 10, 2010

I prepped 18 of those salads, made one for the cooks and I to taste, made one for the servers to taste at lineup.  The sixteen remaining salads sold out before 7pm and we had to reprint menus!  It outsold the peaches and the heirloom tomatoes, which I thought nothing but lobster risotto would be able to do.

Anyway, vegetables, especially root vegetables, are extremely labor-intensive and take a great deal of time to prepare, unlike most proteins and starches, which is what I think attracted our guests to them tonight.  The menu item is written in an intriguing way (salad of six root vegetables, six different techniques, rosemary pistou) and begs discussion and questions.  Also, it’s brand new and the servers are excited about it.

Okay, so am I.  But this too shall pass.  To wit:

Nuke: “Can’t you let me enjoy the moment?”

Crash: “Moment’s over.”

And there’s always the ghost of M. Point, wagging a fat finger and reminding us that “Every morning, you must start again at zero, with nothing on the stove.”  Especially when you sell out of a new dish that no one else knows how to prep yet.  Oof.

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