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October 9, 2010

Dale Murphy is still my favorite baseball player.  I’m surrounded by supposed Giants fans, but none of them spoke up during the regular season, and I suspect they’re kind of closeted because they still secretly support Barry Bonds and his Easter Island-ish skull.  Anyway:  Ankiel.

Last night’s new items on the produce order sheet:

watermelon radish

black radish

meyer lemon

celery root

tokyo turnip

french round carrot

parsley root

baby chiogga beets

large red beets


‘Bout time to cut the cord on sweet corn, tomatoes, and peaches.  Man do they make a cook’s life easy in California.  In fall and winter, we actually have to WORK for flavor . . . so unfair.  The first white pomegranates have come in from K&J orchards, and Josh Anstey has been bringing us Gravenstein, Nonesuch, and Honey Crisp apples for weeks.

Thanks to everyone who’s been coming in to the restaurant; you’ve kept me too busy to write on the blog lately.  Somehow, though, probably out of necessity, we’ve been changing the menu more often than ever. Tonight–new lily’s egg dish (soft boiled egg wrapped in potato rosti &c.) that is NUKULAR DYNAMITE.  The ultimate egg.

Lastly, congratulations to John Fraser at Dovetail in NYC for earning a Michelin star on Wednesday.  Cross it off, Chef!

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