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September 17, 2010

Thanks first of all to Jay McInerney, write of Bright Lights, Big City (among others), who posted a great write-up of solbar last week right here.  Jay writes for the WSJ, and I may have foamed at the mouth while describing the parmigiano mousse, the lack of which, in a bad peach season, is of course the true source of the US blues.

He had at least three meals at our restaurant at the suggestion of Thomas Brown, the Calistoga winemaker who will, over the course of the next six months, become so famous that he may stop coming to Oyster Night at solbar (every Thursday) altogether and go live in the woods somewhere so that no one bothers him.  Forget Thomas’s name at the peril of derision by your oenophilic buddies.

Solbar is rolling along.  The temperature is perfect on the patio most times of day, and the AC is on for the warm afternoons.  Lots of menu changes still coming–golden tomato soup with double-cheese biscuits, watermelon salad with crispy japanese brown rice, pickled cucumbers, cilantro, and XXXXX, grilled lamb loin with parisienne gnocchi and syrah grape gastrique, maybe even an olive-oil poached local albacore tuna that Ryder is working up.  While we’re working on those, there’ll be plenty of pork cheek tacos and heirloom tomatoes to tide you over . . .

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