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August 22, 2010

Ryder and Greg met at the garden at Fisher Vineyards on Friday, and I headed over there in the pickup this morning for tomatoes, only golf-ball size but incredibly sweet and juicy;

Young leeks, tender and aromatic;

Some crazy, black-green summer squash whose name no one could remember;

And ripe red padron peppers (not pictured–instead, someone to watch over me), which we plan to smoke and hang to dry, then use this fall in dried chile applications.

Check in at solbar for the smoked beef shortrib entree at dinner: butterbeans galore, plus the biggest, baddest, beer-batteredest Vidalia onion west of Rome (Georgia).  If everyone ate this dish, the world’d be a happier place.  And if ifs were skiffs, we could all go fishin’.  And if ifs were fifths, we’d all be drunk.  And if ifs were tiffs, we’d have bloody noses, &etc, you get the idea.  Such is Louisianian verse.

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