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April 7, 2010

A few new menu items . . . Ryder is working on a new dinner entree with pozzi farms leg of lamb, garlic-fennel lamb sausage, white bean puree and white bean dauphine, pepperonata, and artichoke-mint vierge. We tasted it last night, and it’s BANGING. Everything you could want in a spring lamb dish without a heavy reduction sauce, without “baby spring vegetables”, without, in fact, much you might expect at all.

On a more rustic note, we have the first fresh chickpeas of the season, which I had not used or seen till we started with them at solbar two years ago–sweet and green and slightly gnarled, with little resemblance to their dried selves, which are usually turned into hummus.   Anyway, we think they’ll be good as bruschetta with tomato marmalade, sheep’s milk feta, mission variety olive oil, and fresh mint.  Testing that dish this afternoon.

Additionally, the first Swanton organic strawberries are here, which will make their way onto brioche French toast with pistachios and orange zest. Strawberry dessert item to be determined, but there will be at least one, and last year’s strawberry ice cream was off the hook, so maybe that will be a part of our ice cream sundae.

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