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March 3, 2010

First cones of stockton asparagus are here–working on toasted/ground nori as part of tempura dredge? with soy caramel and pickled shiitakes? If I’m going to steal ideas from other chefs I probably shouldn’t stop at just one per plate . . . there are solbar dishes hook line and sinker on other menus in Calistoga and Yountville . . . like omar says, “the game is the game.” You will not see asparagus and morels together on a solbar menu this spring; is there a more utterly exhausted combination? Those dishes need to be shelved for fifteen years, like the entire library of the Steve Miller Band, completely overplayed and ready for revival by my children someday . . .

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  1. Julia Berman says:

    Hey… I like the Steve Miller Band! But I LOVE soy caramel. Didn’t we see that on the menu at Redd?

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