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March 10, 2010

Not too often do carrots appear front and center, but two weeks ago I told Ryder that I wanted a solbar version of the old cafeteria carrot-raisin-and-mayonnaise salad. As we say, If we’re going to make it stupid, let’s make it STUPID. (Besh said it first.) What Ryder came back with is this killer plate of frenhc round, baby yellow, baby white, and pickled baby red carrots, all cooked differently–some in red wine vinegar and sugar, or with verus and xvoo, or with honey and pistachio, all accompanied by raitha foam (through the isi gun), red sumac, mustard flowers, raisin puree. Not as easy a sell as dungeness crab salad or pork cheek tacos but hey. The plate-up is long and so is the payoff. Nice to see carrots at the center of the plate, ain’t California grand?

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  1. Paul Faucher says:

    Brandon, Congratulations on your Michelin star, that is amazing! If you have a chance send me your e-mail, I would like to catch up. Paul Faucher

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