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February 2, 2013

extremely unstoked that I can’t seem to post pictures here for the time being.  thousands it seems things have happened since I last posted . . .

(Asian) comfort food menu up and running (tantanmen ramen, five-spice brisket steam buns, hijiki salad, etc),

amuse bouche program during solbar dining room dinner service (picture not included),

Tour of Sufferlandria only one day left,

Paul Lemieux from Auberge du Soleil joining us next wek to develop our dinner dessert menu (you will be blown away.),

Zach put pupusas on the lunch menu,

Lance caved but came off like he’s still hiding something,

why did the Grizzlies trade Rudy Gay?,

completely new cocktail menu started last night . . . winter is project time here at Solbar, because during the spring, summer, and fall, we just RUN.

And to top it off I have churrascaria swords and a ceramic Japanese hibachi on my desk, both borrowed from Jayson Woodbridge, over which to further cackle like Mr Burns.  Swords and fire.  My four-year-old son would be IMMENSELY impressed.

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