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Photo essay of our last 48 hours.

So we have this glass cube of a satellite kitchen at the top of Diamond Mountain, with a view of the Farallons to the west and the Sierras to the east, equipped with Rational ovens, induction burners, massage chairs, heated floors, voice-command daiquiri machine, and Caddyshack/Die Hard on constant loop.  We sprung for the extra $3,500,000 on a solar-powered cloaking device, so it’s invisible on sunny days, and in the fogbank on others, which means Don’t try to find it.

Gustavo and I have been working with Bradley Borchardt, developing menu items for our temporary switch to Asian comfort food in the Solbar Lounge for January-March 2013.  I’m so full of noodles and dumplings at this moment that I can’t even stay awake to read the opening paragraph that I let Bradley ghost-write.


pork shoulder gyoza with ponzu sauce

korean shortribs

hijiki salad with yam, fennel, and hosui pear

chilled sesame noodles

beijing style noodle salad with peanuts

green papaya salad with fresno chile

four of eight different test batches of hong kong style pork ribs

roasted chicken and shiitake soup dumplings.  double-black-diamond territory here.

chilled chicken laab lettuce cups

five-spice beef brisket steam buns

family meal was an epic feast.

chiang mai sausage steam buns.


not pictured, but processed today:  tempura long beans with uni mayonnaise, clear-steamed chicken soup with mushroom wontons, pork siu mai, tom ka, dungeness crab rangoon with sweet chile and lime, pork belly ramen with onsen egg, fried chicken . . .


Do not eat this post



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