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And a lot of people are rightfully fired up about it, it’s not the most exciting event of 2012.  We’ve been working up some fascinating (penny-ante) sociological studies in the kitchen lately–people behave oddly in a restaurant environment, yet are perhaps the truest versions of themselves–and I really want to find out if folks other then homesick Southerners will order the pimiento cheese (served with an arsenal of dipping weapons).

The first hurdle will be explaining the ingredients.  I mean, it IS about 90% mayo and cheese.  95%

[verbal tirade excised at the insistence of Solage's lawyers]

AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNd I was looking forward to giving you the recipe but I just spent the last 15 minutes ripping my office and the kitchen apart in search of it but I CANNOT FIND IT anywhere!  I know I wrote it down on the back of half an old BEO but it’s not in the hanging file folder outside my office where I swear I left it.

So I CAN tell you that seeded and diced piquillo peppers taste much better in there than the traditional jar of pimiento peppers, and that beyond those three ingredients, you should add a dash each of Worcestershire and Louisiana Hot Sauce (red dot) and one more thing that’s driving me crazy not to remember.

The moral of the story:  I need an executive assistant.

One Response to “although pimiento cheese will soon be on our menu”

  1. jane sharp says:

    Actually, according to your great-aunt, Sarah Jayne, it’s a pinch of sugar.

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