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Solage Calistoga's Executive Chef Brandon Sharp shares his passion for cooking, life and all things Napa Valley.

time for some autumn menus ideas

flavor profiles we want to taste


when the computer is on the fritz, recipes go on the BWB

bread service at Del Posto--butter and pork fat. yep.

tsukemen at tabata ramen in midtown manhattan

pumpkin from regusci winery. I put my flip-flop in the picture the same way an archaeologist puts in a pickax. Gigantor!

a brace of fresh game at the Borough Market in London

langoustines, still twitching

maybe this is what powers the Manx Missile

lamburger at Borough Market

lazy man's macaroons, but they still look good. That's a $4.20 meringue for those who get paid in dollars

the empanada stand. nowhere near as good as Ian's at the st helena farmers market.

not the american bistro

hare pie at the potting shed pub

fish and chips with REALLY mushy peas

ex-ramen at ittenbari in London

composing the menu for a wine dinner

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