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September 7, 2012

griddled adriatic figs from Rutherford Gardens with pine bud syrup, crispy pine nut meringue, fennel soubise, toasted farro, and pickled Oregon chanterelles

Coriander and dark rum-cured smoked salmon with a rye crouton, horseradish spuma, pink pearl apples and mustard-dill vinaigrette

Gone but not forgotten . . . chilled confit of foie gras with pickled cherries, spiecd almond shortbread, mustard sauce, and bitter greens circa June, 2009 . . looking back, I think we probably didn't charge enough for this dish. I think there's a good four ounces of foie gras on the plate, and that's AFTER about 18% of the fat rendered out in the confit process.

I don’t know why the pictures won’t line up.


2 Responses to “and here are the pictures.”

  1. Sybil Conn says:

    A friend and I had dinner and breakfast this week at Solbar and thoroughly enjoyed the food.

    One question: why does the menu say “cornflakes” on the French Toast when it was clearly cornmeal that was used. I’m NOT complaining because I think it was far better than flakes would have been.

    • Brandon Sharp says:

      Great question. We crush the cornflakes with a mortar and pestle and dredge one side of the soaked bread in them. The cornmeal on there is put on the outside of the loaf by the bake before he proofs the loafs in their pans in the morning. So the crunch on the face of the french toast is all crushed cornflake, and the cornmeal is just on the edge, the crust.

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