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When we opened the resort in July of 2007, one of the patriarchs of the Auberge Resorts group told me that we should be doing a thousand covers a day.  According to our point-of-sale system, we did 1,024 yesterday.

Not sure if that was the biggest day in our history or not, but after participating in a screaming busy brunch, a relentless late afternoon push in the grill/pool kitchen, and a full-tilt first turn for dinner service, all I can say for sure that the cold Modelo in my fridge at home went down easy.

From L Fignon:  ”Sometimes . . . we simply have to go out to meet the Man with the Hammer.”  I don’t know if that’s translated from the French.  Anyhow, no need to do that many covers again.

Here are a couple of new salads.  We are getting Adriatic figs from the big tree at Rutherford Gardens.  The smoked salmon features some of the first apples of the season (pink pearls); we’re also using Gravensteins.

< . . . waving phone around to try and get a signal . . . >

The iPhone is tired from yesterday and won’t send the pix to my laptop.  I’ll post them soon.


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