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December 17, 2011

Sonoma Cty was once home to lots of Russian immigrants–Sebastopol is named after a Ukrainian city of the same name.  The ducks we’re using are from Grimaud Farms–they bring us everything but the feathers.

The name of the breed of duck is Muscovy, which sounds an awful like Muscovite, so perhaps the Ukrainians named the ducks after their waddly cousins in Moscow.  Here, I’m speculating irresponsibly and forgetting that I just read something completely different on Wikipedia.

Here, Zach goes for the cleaver, with predictable results.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand sunset over Solage last night.  Haven’t seen one quite like that before.

Like how I managed to get the streetlamp into the picture?  I know, nice, right?

We also have rabbit from Anderson/Avilla Farms that Andrew put on the menu last night, and hopefully some Texas venison coming soon.

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