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Solage Calistoga's Executive Chef Brandon Sharp shares his passion for cooking, life and all things Napa Valley.

Mustard is blooming in the vineyards already?  And when I went back to NC for Thanksgiving, the Bradford pears were blossoming?  We’re into December, and it’s yet to feel like football weather here . . .

Ryder came up with the best crab salad I’ve ever had–flavors of the Levant on this one.  Lavash cracker with harissa, preserved lemon, green olive, pomegranate capsules, just bang-on.  Exciting flavors all over the menu right now.

For NV restaurant month in January, we’re going to do un-wined at solbar.  Over four weekends, we’ll do four different food themes–Oysters, Pork, Basque Tapas, and Home Cookin’–with an array of non-wine drinks.  Should be a good time, challenging, but our loyal locals who come to the lounge often will get a kick out of it, and everything will be available in the dining room too.

If you have a good white truffle source, let me know.  I can’t even get scrawny, wet ones for $3200/lb. this year.  And I’ve got the tagliatelle machine all cranked up and ready.

I need to write another whole post about Gustavo’s pasilla chile soup at lunch with the poached egg in it.  Just off the freaking chain, I could eat it three meals a day.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of food to show you at the moment so I’ll just leave you with this.  Man cannot live on bread alone.

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