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April 28, 2011

Robin worked as the lead pastry cook here at Solbar; she died in a fatal car accident on her way home from work, this past Tuesday night on the Silverado Trail.

Robin will be remembered as a creative, dependable, talented member of our team.  The thoughts and prayers of the entire kitchen, and everyone at Solage Calistoga, go out to her family and friends in this difficult time.

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  1. Chris Rasmussen says:

    I’m Robin’s dad. Some family members have an interest in going to Solbar and perhaps having a piece of Robin’s Chocolate Cake. Will it be on the menu for a time?

    And I’ve been asked about the Graceland Gateau, though I have no expectation that it would be retained on your menu.

    In any case, we thank your for your kind words on the Blog and for the cross on the Trail, which we were informed may have been established by Solbar staff–we’re frankly not sure.

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