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March 23, 2011

Well, half a whole hog came in via Mike Panza from Long & Bailey Farms in Manteca last week.  On Thursday night, we served seven thick, juicy, mesquite-grilled pork chops with crispy macaroni and cheese croquettes (I know, right?), bacon-and-garlic-laced string beans, and sauce piquant.  Yahtzee.  And then . . .


Last night we had thirteen order of this entree, called whole hog, and sold out:

Sorry about the angle there, don’t fall over.  The loin was brown-sugar brined and grilled, served over rapini sauteed with chili flake; the pork sugo I made like a bolognese, but with only a hint of tomato, and with a TON of roasted pork stocked reduced over and over for an intensity of flavor heretofore unknown to swineophiles–and used it to sauce yukon gold potato gnocchi with parmigiano-reggiano and fried sage; and smoked black pepper and marjoram sausage, griddled and served over red grape mostarda.  A satisfying composition to create, execute, and I hope for our guests to enjoy.

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