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March 3, 2011

Pork belly, braised and then pressed.

Same belly, skin removed.  We seared off a preview on the plancha . . . delicious!

Pork skin in the dehydrator, almost crisp.

Liver terrine fresh out of the oven.  I wish you could smell this picture, toatlly intoxicating.

The fat i skimmed from the pasilla-rubbed pork shoulders, after braising them, was a blazing red-orange.  It’d make a great pork-fat-chile-oil for a bowl of posole or even cheese grits, which if you’re eating those, other concerns are pretty much out the window anyway.

The last chef that undercooked Mr. Corleone’s pork chop had it even worse.

Ham and shanks out of the brine and forming a pellicle overnight so the smoke will better adhere to the skin.

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