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February 3, 2011

Had a great meal sitting at Bar Terra last night, in a room where I’d already had a few formal dinners over the past ten years.  Hiro and Lissa have one of the most beautiful buildings in the Valley as their canvas, and it’s wonderful to see them  move with the times and split up their restaurant so that guests have the choice of a fine-dining experience or a more casual one, prepared with the same great ingredients and attention to detail.

The menu is amenable to whatever size meal your appetite can handle; original cocktails are plentiful, as are wines by the glass.  Saw a lot of familiar faces last night (including some locally world-famous vintners that I wish had eaten at solbar instead, of course . . . ).  A lot of food served in jars, the duck liver mousse especially good.

BUT you can’t watch the Super Bowl there.

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  1. Hiro says:

    Thank you so much, Brandon!!

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