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Arriving today are not just “baby” vegetables, but “tiny” vegetables–red onions, radish, carrot.  Ric over at Cook’s promises me that the vegetable part itself will be 1/4 to 1/2 inch in diameter, with beautiful, edible greens intact.  A few ideas that we’ll be working on:

–Monterey bay sardines a la plancha with cured mandarinquat, piquillo sofrito, tiny radish, and seared baby fennel.  Flavor profile a la valenciana.

–Roasted hen-of-the-woods with crispy pork rinds, tiny red onions, and apple-miso soubise.  Flavor chain progresses from mushrooms to pork to apples to miso, red onion as the garnish.  I anticipate a great match with Sonoma Coast pinots on this one.

–red and white baby carrots, fresh chickpea puree, pretzel-mustard seed vierge, tiny carrots.  I ate baby carrots and pretzels dipped in hummus all day Sunday, so I want to see if this works.  Hm.  And yes, for all the B-movie buffs who get gripped up about this sort of thing,  I’m vaguely aware that I’m mixing movie titles in the subject line.

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