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January 9, 2011

That phrase means something dramatic in Bridge, but I always forget what; I don’t play often.  ”Jump shift” doesn’t sound as smart as “paradigm shift”, another phrase I don’t understand (which has never stopped me from using it, whether the conversation centers on Lindsey Lohan and Bruce Pearl going to jail or just some famous chef’s next great idea.  Wait, neither LL nor Coach Pearl went to actual jail?  Be patient).  No visuals here, the Google Chrome search for “jump bridge photo” didn’t go as planned.  Victuals instead of visuals:

LOTS OF CHANGES this weekend:

we all scream sundae > rocky road sundae

buttermilk panna cotta > red wine poached pear with honeyed goat cheese and black walnut brittle

shortrib with potato risotto > shortrib with spaetzle and an unfair amount of deliciousness

bavette steak with calasparra rice fritters > bavette steak with (according to one of our loyal guests tonight) “the best potatoes I have ever eaten.  Don’t tell me you don’t put cocaine in them.”

NEW grilled colorado lamb loin with Zach’s merguez, carrot-tabil puree, seville oranges, and pickled fennel

potato rosti-crusted soft boiled egg > poached farm egg with grilled chicories and mustard-bacon vinaigrette

NEW house-smoked jagerwurst with house-cured sauerkraut, spiced prunes, and pickled mustard seed

gnocchi with bone marrow and beurre colbert > monterey bay sardines with gnocchi, meyer lemon, piquillo tapenade, and fresh marjoram

That was enough for 2 nights, more soon.  And you MUST try the new abbey ales that Bradley brought in, they are food beers like I’ve never had before.  What else is there to drink in NV anyway?  Hello?  Is this thing even on? “It’s the sound of a cricket riding a tumbleweed . . . “

good news:  I am the lizard king, I can still pretty much get away with anything.

bad news:  well, it’s a nonnonpartisan blog.  What we got here is failure to communicate . . . some men you just can’t reach.

Be the one to tell someone else–the PURE INSANITY HOT WINGS are our Korean style chicken wings and they will cause, yes, a paradigm shift on your palate.  R-rated hot wings, not for children.

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