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December 2, 2010

We have a lot of favas going as ground cover in the garden.  The black tuscan kale is ready, and we dug up about thirty pounds of beets today, and tracked about fifty of mud into Ryder’s truck.

Sous chefs antagonizing the kale and clipping each other, or the other way around.  If those plants respond to the timbre of the human voice, we’ll have an old-growth rainforest by tomorrow morning.

“We mock what we don’t understand.”  Sans-a-belt day in the front garden.

Zach digging up chiogga beets.  Sans-a-belt day on the back forty.

That little fella’s coming fishing with me later on.

Juelle also brought us a half-bushel or so of walnuts, which we’re going to turn into a walnut-arugula pesto and use in a new agnolotti with black kale preparation for tomorrow night–we’ll have two items from the Fisher Vineyard farm on the same plate.

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