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November 30, 2010

These past three weeks alone we’ve been through squab rossini, miso-mushroom soup, a new Dungeness crab salad by Andrew, a killer foie mousse and crispy squab leg first course, Ryder’s seared foie gras with cornmeal griddle cakes and huckleberry jus, smoked shortrib chili (on the bar menu) . . . . this time of year, our cover volume diminishes and the sous chefs and I get more time to work on changing up the food–it keeps the guests, the servers, and us interested.  Here are a few photos:

Seared blue-nose bass with pear-sage puree, roasted cauliflower, preserved chanterelles, and bacon.

Albacore tuna ready for the immersion bath.  Ryder served it chilled with a hard-cooked quail egg, salsa verde, and nicoise olive anchoiade.

The slow-roasted garnet yam entree, crusted with pistachios, served with pomegranate-braised radishes, lentil puree, and sumac potato chips.

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