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well they blew up the chicken man in philly last night

and they blew up his house too

photo (14)


down on the boardwalk they’re getting ready for a fight

gonna see what them racket boys can do

now there’s trouble busting in from out of state

photo (15)


and the DA can’t get no relief

gonna be a rumble on the Promenade

and the gambling commission’s hanging on by the skin of its teeth

photo (16)


well now everything dies

photo (18)


baby that’s a fact

but maybe everything that dies

photo (19)


someday comes back

photo (20)

put your makeup on

photo (21)

fix your hair up pretty

and meet me tonight in Atlantic City

photo (22)


now I got a job, tried to put my money away

but I got debts no honest man can pay

photo (23)


so I drew what I had from the central trust

and got us two tickets on that city coach bus

photo (24)